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EGB, DEBG External Gear Pumps

External Gear Pump - EGB

Model Code : Direction of Rotation (View from shaft end), R: Clockwise, L: Counterclockwise, Displacement, External Gear Pump Series, Double Gears Design

  1. High pressure and high efficiency applicable to all kinds of machines.
  2. Special gear design, low noise, agreeable to low-noise requirement.
  3. Compact body and space saving.
  4. Aluminum alloy, gravity casting body. Light weight and Sturdiness.
  5. Standard SAE two port flange.
  6. DEGB double gear design, providing higher performance.
Model Theoretical
Pressure (kgf/cm²)
Shaft Speed
In/Outlet Dimension
Max. Min. A B kg Inlet Outlet
EGB- 6 6.2 210 4000 600 54 101 2.6 1-1/16-12UN 7/8-14UN
EGB- 8 8.4 210 4000 600 56 105 2.7 1-1/16-12UN 7/8-14UN
EGB-11 11 210 4000 600 58 109 2.8 1-1/16-12UN 7/8-14UN
EGB-14 14.3 210 4000 600 61 115 3.0 1-1/16-12UN 7/8-14UN
EGB-16 16.5 210 4000 600 63 119 3.1 1-1/16-12UN 7/8-14UN
EGB-19 19.5 210 3500 600 65.5 122.4 3.3 1-1/16-12UN 7/8-14UN
DEGB-22 22.7 210 3000 600 76 137 3.6    
DEGB-26 26.5 210 2500 600 81 142 3.8    

Unit: mm

Dimensions : EGB Series, DEGB Series

Dimension(mm) ∅26
Suction Port
Pressure Port
E 26.2 22.2
F 52.4 47.6

Performance Curves

  1. Pump must be located with driving shaft coaxial to power take off. The drive system must not impose axial or radial load to pump shaft.
  2. Hydraulic fluid
    Use a mineral based hydraulic oil with additive to resist oxidatioon, Corrosion and foaming or an engine oil.
    Recommend viscosity
    Mineral oil 3÷5 E 50°C --- Enging oil SAE 10,20,30 depending on environment temperature.
    Operating Temperature range: 15 - 70°C
    Viscosity: 1.45 E
    Maximum viscosity during starting: 200 °E
  3. Filtration
    Before filling the system, ensure that circuit is perfectly clean. Filter must be adequate in capacity and preferably with blockage indicators. Filter must be changed according to operating instruction. Recommended filtering: Suction side 90 mesh, Return side 25 medium porosity.
  4. Piping Instruction
    Avoid sharp bends and restrictions on the circuit.
    Maximum inlet depression: 250mm/Hg
    Maximum oil speed suction side: 0.5÷1.5 Mt/sec
    Maximum oil speed outlet side: 3÷8 Mt/sec
    Maximum oil speed return side: 2÷3 Mt/sec
  1. No radial or axial forces may be permitted to act on the pump drive shaft.
  2. The motor and pump must be precisely aligned.
  3. Always use a coupling which will permit compensation for any shaft displacement.
  4. When mounting the coupling, avoid applying axial force, i.e. never attempt to press or knock into place using a hammer or similar instrument.
  1. Pumps supplied by us have been performance and function tested. Any attempts to modify the pump in any way will result in loss of warranty cover!
  2. Repairs may only be performed by the manufacturer or by authorized dealers and branches. No warranty can be accepted for unauthorized repairs.